Shopping Guide

When making online purchases at Jahipaun, you do not need to be registered as a regular customer; no need to sign in or perform other time-consuming acts (except when buying firearms or cartridges, pursuant to the procedure provided by the Weapons Act, in which case you need to identify yourself by using an ID-card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID).

Everything is fast, easy and secure. In order for the customers to better orient in our shopping environment, we have prepared a small Shopping Guide.

If you have any questions about the overviews of our items, or need help with e-store purchases, please contact our customer service:


1. Choosing the items

Choose an item you like.

Item groups open in the left gray bar of the menu tree. Many item categories have subdivisions which open by clicking on the category. Please note that items may also have subdivisions (item variations) that open at the bottom of the product card. Variations are used for similar items that differ in parameters (for example, lures of different weights) to facilitate item search for customers. See the example:

2. Shopping cart

Once you have found a suitable item, click on the ADD TO CART button in the right corner, and the item will be added to your shopping cart. You can continue to select items in our online store, acting just as previously when finding a suitable item. You can always check the contents of your shopping cart by clicking on the GO TO CHECKOUT button at the top of the page. See the example:

You can change the quantity of an item at the checkout by clicking on the + or - sign next to the quantity.

If you are a regular customer of Jahipaun, authenticate yourself in the checkout to receive loyal customer discounts.

The system will automatically calculate a discount of 8% (except for items that are already discounted). 

Once you have finished selecting the items, click NEXT and you will be directed to the next page where you must enter your information. Please make sure all asterisked fields are completed and you have accepted the Terms and Conditions.